WoW Gold Making Guide For Low Level Players

WoW Gold Making Guide For Low Level Players


Making gold at a low level isn’t difficult, but you do have to put in some work. Each item in the game has a value, and you’ll need to figure out how much of a value.  If you just buy every item you can for your character’s level, you’ll be taking up a lot of space, and not making much gold at all.  Check out the charts below to see how much you need to farm each level range.

Remember that every item description will tell you if you can sell it, and if it can be turned into gold. If it says it cannot be sold to Alliance, you might as well sell it to Horde.



At level 1, you want to make sure you pick up the Herbalism profession. Herbalism will be your main gathering profession, and it allows you to make gold quickly. Herbalism is easy to learn, doesn’t require any special equipment, and you can use it while you level.

You need to make sure you have the highest level profession that you can, at least as high as your character. This is because as you level up, you will heavily need herbs.



Dwarf’s and Gnome’s don’t have the Herbalism profession, but they do have eyes that can help you gather the different herbs.

Dwarf’s have Stone, Iron, and Dwarf inside of their belt buckles. If you use these items, you can gain a large amount of experience quickly.

You can sell these items to Human Rogues, who will pay a healthy amount of gold for the items.

atches from level 70-80 can also be sold to Human Rogues. They will pay more gold, because Human Rogues are the richest characters in the game!

Night Elf’s can sell Draenite to Gnomes (only worth about 5 gold for each), and high level Night Elves will pay Draenite to all their faction members.

Kobold’s can sell refined Iron to Gnomes and Kobold’s can sell Treyinx Crystals to all sorts of people.

Gnome’s can sell Flasks of Extractias to all sorts of people.

ZKid’s can sell volatile Flasks of Extractias to his faction (only worth about 30 silver) and high level ZKid’s can sell highly sought after recipes to every faction.

Other notes on selling your glyphs:

– You can buy seven glyphs of each for the price of one.

– You can buy up to ten of each, but can only have seven of each glyph.

– You can buy as many glyphs as you want.

– You do not have to turn them in to get them to your base for sale.

– You can sell unsold items to vendors.

– You can sell unstrategy items to Antigua.

Heirloom Items

Heirloom weapons and armor has been a great part of the game for WoW over the past few years. With the introduction of the Wrathe of the Lich King expansion, new types of heirloom are being introduced. These include the Arcanum of the Eternals, the plans from the Scarlet Crusade, and the Cube of the Elder Council.

The Eternals are being used to write about the Wrathe of the Lich King. Any Enchanter withstands the Voice of Enchanter ability can acquire the Eternals. Once acquired, these can be used with the Inscription profession to create greater magic spells for your character. The Cube of the Elder Council has been specially associated with the Wrathe of the Lich King, that is why it has its ownenei indenture.

The Scarlet Crusade

This faction is classified as the opponents of the Light.  Although they are not directly confronting the Alliance, they still pose a threat to the world because of their zeal to defeat the evil Scourge and the Lich King. Their leader is Argent Healer. They are considered as the legitimate wielders of the Jericho. They wield ps within its reaches. Argent Heal can restore the dead heroes to life after they are defeated by the Scourge. This character alone face the Lich King’ monsters.