What Length Longboard Should I Get

To own a long plank suitable for you, you need to choose the right size for it. In which the length of the longboard is one of the essential requirements to be satisfied. What length longboard should I get? Scroll down and read the correct answer!

What Length Longboard Should I Get?

Longboards are different types of moving boards compared to skateboards. They come in various lengths and are longer than skateboards. However, choosing the length of the longboard is not an easy thing. It depends on a lot of different factors. For a more accurate choice, or observe the sharing that we present right here!

What Length Longboard Should I Get?

It would help if you, based on the following factors to choose the length of the longboard:

  • Your height and foot size
  • Uses
  • Stable ability
  • Travel distance

The choice of the length of the longboard always makes you feel confused? Right! Currently, you can find longboards ranging in size from 27″ to 44″ on the market.

It is due to the variety of lengths of longboards that you find it difficult to make final choices. Here are some of our tips that will help you get the best length boards!

Your height and foot size

A basic thing that many longboarders know is that you should base your height and foot size on your longboard size. If you have big feet, you need a longer board to give you enough room to move around.

Conversely, a shorter board will give you better control of the slide when you have a small foot. You also won’t spend a lot of time moving around the deck to perform tricks.

Height also has a significant impact on this process. If you are tall, your center of gravity will be higher and vice versa. When you’re tall, you need a longer board to make it easier for you to settle on the deck.


Do many people think that longboards are not just for skating? But the truth is not quite so. You can do many different types of slides such as normal slides, cruises, downhill or freestyles.

Each type of board used for different purposes will need a different length. I will list some typical criteria below:

  • Cruising is available in lengths from 32″ to 40″. Some larger types can be longer than 40″.
  • Downhill is about 35″ to 42″ in length. For those with large feet, longboards can be longer than 42″.
  • Freestyle is usually huge. Lengths range from 38″ to 42″.

Stable ability

One thing that cannot be overlooked when using a longboard is the stability it brings. Often boards with a longer length are easier to stabilize. Beginner players can control it well.

However, shorter longboards will have more flexibility, but it is not stable. For those who are just starting in the long game, this is a challenge.

Travel distance

Short and longboards help you move faster, but you will also use a lot of energy. In contrast, longboards of great length move slowly but without effort.

Therefore, those who want to move a long distance should choose a longboard. Conversely, those who wish for a longboard with speed and short distance should choose a shortboard.

What Are The Characteristics Of Long Planks Short And Long?


  • Heavier
  • There’s more room to stand, which makes them more suitable for beginners
  • Provides fewer turns
  • More stable
  • More comfortable, especially if they have a bit of flexibility
  • It’s harder to do tricks – kickturns, ollies, etc. are much harder
  • Easy for dancing on deck

Short longboard

  • Lighter
  • There is less room to stand, which makes them more suitable for professional longboarders
  • Generally gives more turns and less stability
  • More comfortable, especially they are very flexible
  • Easier to kickturn, ollie, etc.


It’s not too difficult to determine the length you need in the long game after reading our shares. Hopefully, you can find a longboard that is the correct length for your needs.