Board Game in Final Stages of Development

Pareto is a deep and challenging worker movement board game for 1-6 players. A typical game of Pareto takes between 1-3 hours, depending on player experience and how the game is played. Technically the game can be summerized as an area movement game, with a modular board, employing harvesting, production and trading as core mechanics. The game has multiple routes to victory.

If you prefer a slightly quicker game, with less rules and mechanics, you’ll enjoy Harvester – our quick and fun family game.

In Pareto you start as a small entrepreneur with a small city office and a vehicle. Within a single year, 12 rounds, your goal is to expand your business and establish a sustainable and preferably environmentally friendly business.

Pareto consists of three boards: the marketplace, the shared land and an individual player property. From the initial concept developed in february 2010, all three elements have undergone major modifications. The player property started as a major asset, but we realized that over time, that this reduced oponent awareness. So, over time we managed to reduce the significance of the player properties and move player focus to the shared boards. These moves proved important for the social dimension of the game.

Currently we are working on finalizing the design, which means a lot of playtesting. If you are interested in playtesting the game, please let us know. Though we cannot promise an invite, by registering your email at least you’re on our list. If you are an international publisher searching for an engaging and deep board game experience, please get in touch and we’ll send you the rules and/or a prototype.


OS X Widget, free global release

The original Stickies widget provided by Apple has one problem: the only way to create a new sticky note is to add a new widget from the widget bar. This is not very convenient when you receive a phone call and simply need to jot something down quickly.


So, we added a new button to the default Stickies widget that would create a new sticky note when clicked. To avoid cluttering the interface, we hid the button so it’s only visible while pressing the OPT (alt) key. To avoid any confusion we renamed the widget to StickiesPlus, and to make everyone happy we offer it for free.


Roller is an easy to use tool made to nudge the creative process whenever needed. In the face of creative problems, the user can launch the app to get help to change perspective – think on the matter in a new and alternative way – which often is enough to nudge the creative process forward.


The app is based on a virtual deck of cards, each card presenting a specific individual with a certain caracteristics. By applying these characteristics to the way the user is thinking, they will hopefully be able to change their perspective enough to find a creative solution to the problem.

Roller is a small view controller based app, with two basic views: one with the deck (default view) and another functioning as a tiny tutorial. While on the main view, shaking the device selects a random card from the deck (the user can also tap the viewcontroller button). Despite the captions on each card being in Norwegian, we believe most people will understand the cards and be able to use the app. Did we mention it’s free?

This app was developed for Stig & Stein, a Norwegian company that started as an ad agency, but now function more as creative mind benders (motivators, lectures, talks and seminars). The app is free and a recommended download at all of their events.