Monitor Screen Size Comparison (Detailed Guide With Chart) (Detailed Guide With Chart)

Have you ever paid mind to the monitor screen size comparison? Probably not, nevertheless this is the very parameter that plays a major role in the best purchase of the display screen.

It is pretty much clear to choose up a bad gaming monitor if you are ignorant of the actual screen size and its comparison. Besides, getting confused on the aspect ratio and monitor inner operation becomes the following factor that ultimately leads you to the compromised screen display.

The size and measurement in display measurement relies on the manufacturing place substantially. For instance, the 14’’ inches of a display in the US would be 13.3’’ inches in Asia. For instance, the 14’’ inches of a display in the US would be 13.3’’ inches in Asia.

However, below we are covering the much more extensive insights. Today’s article has been especially dedicated to the screen size to let you know how various display charts add to the aesthetics and graphics.

Before buying you need to make sure the original build of the device, every region makes things correspondingly!

Comparison Between 24’’ Inches and 27’’ Monitor Screen

when it comes to what size monitor folks should be using. Some argue that a 24-inch monitor is the right size for most individuals, while others insist that a 27-inch monitor is best for working on major projects. Today we will be taking a look at the benefits and downsides of each sizes to help you determine what’s best for you. Here is a comparison between 24 inches and 27 inch monitors.

1.Dimensional comparison

The size of the monitor overall, and the displayed screen are two different things. Certainly, you do not count that bezel while witnessing the image or video playing in front of your sight. Besides, the inches you count while measuring the screen are always diagonal in length and not vertical or horizontal.

Placing the two monitors (24’’ inches and 27’’ inches) beside one other and playing in front of each other will clarify to you the exact measurement, that is, 7.5cm in total. For example:


Diagonal Vertical Horizontal
24 Inches Monitor 60.96 cm 53.1 cm wide 53.1 cm wide
27 Inches Monitor 68.58 cm 59.8 cm wide 59.8 cm wide
Dimensional Difference in cm 7.62 cm 6.7 cm 6.7 cm
Dimensional Difference in % 12.5% 12.6%


2.Distance for viewing comparison

When making comparisons, the distance between the monitor and the screen is critical. The optimal viewing distance for each monitor is listed on the monitor itself. In order to see the exact images you want, you need a good point of view.

The suggested easy-to-read distance for a 24-inch display is 50cm to 60cm, whereas the recommended distance for a 27-inch display is 60cm to 70cm. Furthermore, the recommended distance for a 29-inch display is 70cm 80cm, while for a 32-inch display it is 80cm 90cm. After all, the most important thing is to have a pleasant view!

3.Comparison of picture quality

The pixel choppiness is still evident on a 27-inch panel, even though the 24-inch monitor has FHD results.

The higher the screen size difference, the more obvious the difference in image quality will be, like in the case of a 24 and 32-inch monitor. There is less of an impact on the visual quality between the 24″ and 27″ screens as compared to earlier models.

4.Fitting comparison

The installment is yet another noteworthy comparison. A 27-inch monitor’s _wide area_ makes it difficult to set up a 24″ display monitor. Stunts go bigger to make up for the disparity in size, and this has an effect on the overall space.

Differentiating Between Monitor Displays Using a Single Statistic

24 inches Monitor

  • Diagonal Length in cm: 60.96 cm
  • Horizontal Length in cm: 53.1 cm Wide
  • Vertical Length in cm: 29.9 cm Long
  • Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor: 50cm ~ 60cm
  • Installation: easy and user-friendly

27 inches Monitor

  • Diagonal Length in cm: 68.58 cm
  • Horizontal Length in cm: 59.8 cm Wide
  • Vertical Length in cm: 33.6 Long
  • Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor: 60cm ~70cm
  • Installation: Rather intricate for space issue
  • Installation: Rather intricate for space issue