Board Game Concept

With Looters we are targeting players aged 10 and up, and it will support 2 to 6 players. The game is currently in the early stage of development.

The game will employ several interesting and unique mechanisms, allowing for some really fun player interaction. Looters will expand three stages, each one different from the other. Going into further details is difficult at this time, as the game keep changing, but it involves sailing and good ol’ pillaging.


Family Board Game Ready for Manufacturing

Harvester is a family game for 2-6 players, aged 11 and up. A single game of Harvester can take anywhere from 20 to 120 minutes. The reason for this rather large range, is that the player can set score limit themselves. In addition, the game offers a simple handicap system to even the odds for the less experienced or younger players. Learning to play the game only takes a couple of minutes, which isn’t to say that the game lacks depth.


The game is about area control and set collection. You win by reaching the player determined score limit. During the course of the game players will collect sets of resources to score points, while obviously trying to prevent others from doing the same. Alliances are part of the game, trading however, isn’t.

Harvester was developed as a reponse to players wanting a board game with the elegance of Pareto, but shorter and with less complexity. For this reason Harvester started as a reduced version of Pareto in June 2011, but has since then developed a life of its own. The game has been playtested extensively, and is today considered ready for publication.

If you are a game publisher looking for an uncomplicated yet sophisticated family game, Harvester might be exactly what you are looking for. Let us know and we’ll send you the rules and/or a prototype.


iOS App Store, global release

The plan is to develop PlayPal into a much more powerful app. In its current form, the app is a straight forward tactical planning tool useful for anyone that needs to plan floorball tactics.

The app features four different colored markers, an eraser and 12 draggable players – 6 on each team. The background (the rink) is blue with the custom markings of floorball. The user can draw anywhere on the canvas. When the player is done placing the players or drawing, both the players and drawing canvas can be seperately locked. Also, to clear the canvas or reset player positions, the app uses sliders instead of buttons. We suspected this would make it harder to accidentally erase content, something our users also has confirmed.

We are currently working on an great web service that will tightly integrate with PlayPal sometime down the line, at which point the price for PlayPal will double. Currently, and probably until the end of 2012, you can purchase the app on the app store priced as a tier one app ($0.99/7kr).