How Does a Pop Filter Work?

Isn’t it important to know that you’re using the best equipment possible so that your voice sounds clear and smooth?

It turns out that there’s a lot more to recording your voice than just plugging in your microphone and then you’re done.

It’s important to buy a high-quality microphone as a voice artist, but there are other things that can make or break the quality of your recordings, as well.

Pop filters are one of the most important things you can have with your microphone.

What is a “pop filter,” and what is it used for?

Using pop filters to record vocals is a must if you want to get a good sound. Putting a “pop filter” between your mouth and the microphone will cut out certain sounds and frequencies that you don’t want to record.

As the name implies, pop filters are used to cut out sounds that sound like “popping” when you record your voice.

When you say or sing words with ‘P’s’ and ‘B’s’ in them, you make this popping sound. These are called plosives.

People with a lot of power in their voices can also make the microphone pop when they speak in front of it or sing into it.

The reason you should use a pop filter:

If you’re not sure if pop filters are worth the extra money and set-up time, I’ve put together a list of reasons why they’re worth it.

Pop filters stop plosive sounds from getting into the recording, which can distort the recording and make it sound bad or make it sound like a “pop.”

Pop filters also help to cut down on sibilance, which is the sound you make when you say words that start or end with “s.”

Pop filters cut out high- and low-end issues, making it easier to edit out unwanted sounds when cutting them out of the mix.

They keep the microphone dry when you speak or sing, so your microphone will last a lot longer.

How does a pop filter work, and where does it come from?

The pop filter is put in front of the microphone in different amounts depending on how loud and strong the vocalist is.

It connects to the microphone stand and is big enough to protect the whole surface area of the microphone from being scratched by it.

The small holes in the material let sound through, but they also keep things like plosive sounds, sibilance, volume pops, and moisture from the vocalist’s mouth from damaging the microphone.

It’s important to put the pop filter in the right place.

You can make a big difference in the sound of your recording by where you put the pop shield.

How powerful the person who will be using it is going to make a big difference in where the pop filter goes. In a nutshell, the farther away the pop filter is from the microphone, the more effective it will be and less noise will get through, so it’s best to put it there.

If the pop filter is far away from the microphone, your recording artist will be far away from the microphone, and this could make the sound less clear.

You might have to raise the gain, which is fine in moderation, but above a certain point, too much gain can make the sound bad.

The more you raise the gain, the more background noise there will be, which will even lessen the quality and clarity of your recording. So, you need to find the right mix of things.

As a general rule, if your vocalist is going to be quiet and soft, the pop filter should be at least two finger spaces away from the microphone (if the microphone is sitting in any form of casing the spacing should be counted from the outer casing not the microphone itself).

If the vocalist is very loud and powerful, the pop shield should be at least twice as far from the microphone as the microphone itself. This way, any plosives and/or sibilance will be able to get through.

You should play around and try different things until you find the best place for the pop filter.

Pop filters come in many different types.

You should look for mesh or metal pop filters when you decide which one is best for your needs.

Check out the pros and cons for each.

The mesh pop filter.


mesh is the type of filter that most people use to make their music sound better.

prices are usually not too high

good for new people

small holes are very good at getting rid of plosives.


small holes can cause high frequencies to be blocked out, which could make the overall sound worse.

very easy to break

Metal pop filter for a loud sound


more durable than the mesh material used to make the pop filter filter mesh

Most of the time, they will have bigger holes

They also tend to be small, so they won’t feel so heavy and bulky.


They can be fragile things that can easily be bent out of shape if they aren’t kept in the right way.

As it is made of metal, it could make a whistling sound over time.

can be pricey

When you want to make your own pop filter, this is how.

If you can’t afford to buy a pop shield, there are ways to make your own that will work, especially if you’re making demos. Whether a DIY method would be good enough for professional-quality recordings is up for debate.

All you need is a thin, hollow object that is round. You can use an empty roll of duct tape or a sewing circle. Anything that looks like this should work.

A pair of pantyhose is next. It doesn’t matter what kind as long as they have small holes. Patterned ones won’t work as well. You just need a simple pantyhose.

Cut a large piece out of the pantyhose and stretch it to cover one side of the sewing circle (or duct tape roll, for example). Then, tie it down and you’re done!

That’s all! The pantyhose should be fully stretched out so you can see all the small holes.

How does 3D sound work? The Evolution of Sound

What is 3D sound?

3D audio effects shape the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround sound speakers, or headphones to appear above, below, or behind the listener.

Sound sources can be virtually placed anywhere in 3D space.

It works like some soundbars, tricking the brain into thinking different sounds are coming from different speakers.

By definition 3D sound is a system that can place sound anywhere around a listener.

So in 3D audio, the listener’s perception of the sound creates the effect of sound coming from different directions in space.

Audio cannot be placed above or below a listener in conventional stereo.

That would require a sophisticated surround sound system. 3D audio/sound tries to fix this.

Prepare yourself for some science, but this will give you a great idea of how 3D sound works.

Consider how two ears center/contain sound. When a sound is made, a sound wave is sent to the listener’s ears.

A sound coming from the right reaches the right ear first.

The left ear signal is thus delayed. The left ear signal will also be weaker due to the head “shadowing” it.

The pinna also affects the signal (external ear). The pinna’s folds reinforce and weaken certain frequencies.

We unconsciously use time delay, amplitude difference, and tonal information to locate sounds. These are all sound localization cues.

Let’s talk about HRTFs. These track sound from a pint in space to the ear canal.

Small microphones are placed in the ear canal or on a manikin’s ear.

A loudspeaker plays a measurement signal and a microphone records it.

A PC processes the recorded signal to derive a pair of HRTF corresponding to the sound source location.

3D audio systems work by simulating natural hearing. The listener’s ears receive sound localisation cues.

Using measured HRTFs as a specification for a pair of digital audio (equalizers).

When a sound signal is processed by digital filters and listened to through headphones, the listener should hear the sound at the location specified by the HRTFs.

Binaural synthesis is the result (binaural signals are defined as the signals at the ears of a listener).

What makes 3D audio unique?

The most common audio format is stereo. Stereo records two signals. 1 left, 1 r.

Play them back through left and right speakers or headphones.

Surround sound systems add front and rear speakers, as well as a subwoofer.

Some headphones even struggle to reproduce stereo.

With speakers, your left ear will pick up sound, but your right ear will as well, albeit with a slight delay and less force.

With headphones, the left channel only reaches your left ear, and vice versa.

The illusion creates odd perceptions.

It’s like listening to music that comes from inside your head rather than from somewhere in front of you.

That’s why listening to music through headphones can sometimes be strange.

As previously stated, 3D sound/audio ensures that sound is heard more effectively and realistically.

3D Audio

3D audio is aural virtual reality. Now you can hear sound as if you were actually there.

A basketball video game’s sound would be consistent. Now you can hear coaches yelling, players trash talking, and the crowd booing.

Bullets whizzing past your ears in a combat game. When you turn your head, the sound gets stronger in the opposite direction.

3D sound benefits

Users should be able to selectively attend to audio information from 3D locations.

Like everyday filtering to focus on a single speaker in a crowded room,

It should be possible to recognize various audio information channels from various positions.

This simulates the daily experience of hearing multiple conversations at once without attending to them all.

Disadvantages of 3D audio

Some products claim to be 3D products, but upon closer inspection, the technology used can be vastly different.

Caution is advised when it comes to new technologies. Always do your homework and read reviews.

Stereo enhancement/widening systems are sometimes confused with (or marketed as) 3D sound.

These systems widen or extend the sound images that normally extend to the location of the left and right speakers, beyond the speakers.

These systems don’t place sounds behind, above, or below a listener.

Even the best 3D technologies have inherent limitations when it comes to the amount of sound you can hear.

Distinction between 3D and Surround

3D sound is the next step. Surround sound surrounds you with sound.

So, if someone approaches you from behind in a movie, the sound will come from the back speakers.

Sound comes from above and below you in 3D audio.

Can You Use Skateboard Trucks On A Longboard

Can You Use Skateboard Trucks On A Longboard?


When it comes to skateboarding and longboarding, many newbies are unsure of a few things.

Is it possible to utilize longboard trucks with skateboard wheels?

There is no need to utilize skateboard trucks on a longboard because they are too narrow and too small for that purpose.

Compared to longboard trucks, skateboard trucks have a far lower level of stability, and are not designed for cruising.

Skateboarding and longboarding trucks have a lot more to teach, but that’s not all.

This does not imply, however, that skateboarding trucks are ineffective.

It simply implies that, because to the disparity in size and shape, they cannot be used with longboards.

As a result, I’ve gone into great detail to make everything clear to you.

If this has piqued your interest, continue reading by scrolling down the page.

Are Skateboard Trucks And Longboard Trucks The Same?

Trucks on skateboards are substantially more compact, thin, and unstable.

Unlike longboard trucks, they are not designed for cruising.

Longboard trucks are broader, larger, and have a more stable mechanism as a result of their increased size.

For longboarding, the angle of lean (about 19-21 degrees) differs from that for skateboarding, with the former having a lower angle of lean and the latter having a higher angle of lean (approx 30-38 degrees).

They are also much more stable than skateboard trucks and feature better cruising mechanisms for longboarding.

So longboards can be utilized for a variety of maneuvers like dancing, descending hills, and so on, rather than just for getting around on two wheels.

In my opinion, skateboard trucks are mostly utilized for breaking, which some people disagree with, but they have absolutely nothing to do when it comes to cruises.

Longboards are more commonly used by skateboarders since they are better suited to breaking into objects than standard skateboards.


What Is The Appropriate Size For Longboard Trucks?

There is no standard length of trucks for longboards because there are so many various types of trucks being used on the decks of so many different persons.

Longboard trucks typically range in size from 7 to 8 inches.

When compared to skateboard trucks, they are unquestionably lot smaller.

As a general rule, longboard trucks can be utilized for skateboards, but they will look odd and wacky, making it impossible to perform trick-based maneuvers effectively.

Due to the fact that skateboard trucks aren’t meant for cruising boards, I advise anyone just starting out to avoid this concept.

It’s solely for stunts and breaking that skateboarding trucks are designed for.

This means that you can’t do as many tricks as you can on a skateboard if you’re using them on a longboard.

Can You Use Longboard Trucks on A Skateboard?

Because longboards and skateboards are so different, I would advise against this.

However, because of their low angle of lean, they can be used on a skateboard for breaking purposes only.

As a result, although longboard trucks can be used on a shortboard, they aren’t intended for cruising, hence the former is preferable.


What Is Good About Skateboard Trucks?

Skateboard trucks aren’t great for cursing, but their low angle of lean and stability make them excellent for breaking.

In order to break I would recommend using skateboards rather than longboards, and I would also recommend using a shortboard instead of a long board if you are only interested in breaking.


What Trucks Can You Do on A Longboard?

As long as it doesn’t make the board look out of place, you can use whatever you want on your longboard.

To begin with, the cost of skateboards and trucks is low in contrast to many other products on the market.

So, you may want to experiment with a variety of trucks in order to find the one that works best for you.

In addition, you’ll learn what works best for your riding style and whether or not they meet the bill.

This means that before moving on to longboard trucks of a more advanced nature, you should first test out some basic skateboard trucks.


Does Truck Size Matter In A Longboard?

The size of the trucks on a longboard is obviously quite important.

Here’s the reason:.

In longboarding, the size of a wheel is analogous to the size of a truck.

As a general rule, if you buy a truck with a diameter of 7 to 8 inches, the board will turn more quickly, and vice versa.

In addition to all this, trucks also come with different degrees of lean and lower degree trucks are way better suited for cruising whereas nimble and quick turning trucks are preferred with more lean and for tricks.
The breadth and turning radius of your board are directly correlated to the size of your truck.

You should also know that before purchasing longboard trucks, the size of the truck is very important in determining speed.


Which Way Should Trucks Face on A Longboard?

If you’re a longboarder, you can choose whether your trucks are facing forward or backward when you ride.

Although there are many aspects to consider, it is best left up to the individual user to decide what works best for them.

For example, some skateboarders like to face their trucks backward, which makes the board stiffer, for more stability at high speeds.

Conversely, a board with forward-facing trucks will be more maneuverable, but it will also be unsteady at high speeds because of its low lean angle.

Beyond all that, there isn’t a single way to go about figuring out what to put at the top of your list of priorities.

If it makes your riding more comfortable and enjoyable, then by all means go for it. There are a slew of variables at play here.

How Should Trucks Be Placed on A Longboard?

I’m not sure how to answer this, but I’d suggest that the location of trucks shouldn’t have a significant impact on your riding.

In order to ride at higher speeds, it’s best to have your board’s front facing forward. This will keep you more stable no matter how fast you’re going.

To make things even easier to maneuver around corners, it’s always preferable to have trucks in the front and back of the vehicle rather than simply one.


Do Longboard Trucks Make Your Board Faster?

They aren’t really necessary, but they can help you go over tough terrain faster because they keep your speed constant during the voyage, which makes it more stable at high speeds.

In the event that you wish to keep your balance while riding at high speeds, longboard trucks are an excellent option.


What Are Double Kingpin Trucks Good For?

Trucks with two kingpins are an excellent choice for new riders since they make the ride much more stable.

Drivers prefer two kingpin trucks over normal ones because of the ease with which they can steer at slower speeds due to the driver’s proximity to the board’s deck.

All of this is further enhanced by the fact that these trucks have a wider turning radius, making it easier for you to turn bends.

Double kingpin trucks, on the other hand, are ideal for novices who are just beginning to ride and require a solid foundation before attempting more complex feats and tricks.


What Is More Important For Longboard Trucks?

Purchasing this type of equipment necessitates careful consideration of a slew of aspects, so do your research first.

Longboard trucks’ size and weight are the first things to look for when purchasing them since the lighter they are, the more maneuverable your board will be.

The material used to make them will also have an impact on your riding experience, so keep that in mind as well.

These additional considerations include affordability, durability, quality of materials and stability, as well as an improved riding experience.

Seemore: what length of longboard should I get?

Which Bearings Are Good For Longboard Trucks?

Abec 7 bearings are just one of several types of bearings available for purchase in the market today.

These bearings are a great fit for your longboard because skaters and boarders are increasingly using them.

ABEC 5 bearings, on the other hand, are significantly less expensive but will not last as long as Abec 7 bearings.

While some individuals prefer to use just one bearing per truck, others prefer to use four different ones.

Although Abec 7 bearings are less expensive, they’ll still give you good speeds, therefore I’d recommend them over the more expensive ones.


Is it possible to use longboard trucks on a skateboard?

Technically you can use skateboard trucks on long boards, so there’s nothing stopping you.

However, this does not imply that you should use them on a longboard because they are simply too little.

Additionally, skateboard trucks aren’t designed for longboarding activities such as cruising and tricking around.

Aside from that, smaller trucks make your longboard more unstable, increasing the risk of breaking an arm, jaw, or any other part of your body when riding..

If you’re going to use skateboard trucks on a long board, I strongly recommend that you do it at your own risk.

A helmet will make your rides more enjoyable and lower the risk of injury, providing you ride safely.


2ohm or 4ohm subwoofer

What’s better, a 2ohm or 4ohm subwoofer?


We get a lot of questions about whether a 2 or 4 ohm subwoofer is better.

For starters, what is the difference between a 2ohm and a 4ohm subwoofer when trying to answer that question?

There are only a few key differences between the two, and those are: • The price.

In terms of how much resistance one might expect to face.

For example, you need to know how much power your subs can handle.

dB (logarithmic unit of acoustics measurement) they are able to produce.


To determine how much power a subwoofer can handle and how much power it can convert into sound, you’ll look at the ohm, the SI measure of electrical resistance.

As a rule of thumb, 2ohm subwoofers create a louder sound than 4ohm subwoofers because of their lower electrical resistance.

A louder subwoofer isn’t necessarily a better subwoofer because of its higher power consumption, 2 ohm subs.


If you’re looking for a subwoofer that will last a long time, you’ll want to go for a sub that has a higher electrical resistance.

The 2 ohm models, on the other hand, are louder.

However, the sound produced is more compact, thus the sound you hear from it is of a considerably higher quality than the 2ohm subwoofers, but not so much as to be noticeable.

The price of a subwoofer can range from $20 to $180, depending on the type you choose.

What’s better, a 2ohm or 4ohm subwoofer?

In terms of pricing, the two subwoofers are vastly different. However, this also relies on the brand and size of the subwoofers you select.

For the same quality, a 2 ohm subwoofer might cost anywhere between $50 and $200, depending on the manufacturer.

Additionally, there is a variation of 2.5 decibels (dB) between subwoofers with 2 and 4 ohm impedance.

In terms of sound quality, 2 and 4 ohm subwoofers are nearly indistinguishable if run at the same wattage.

The values of watts and ohms are intertwined in mathematical formulas, so that when one changes, the other frequently does, too.

WoW Gold Making Guide For Low Level Players

WoW Gold Making Guide For Low Level Players


Making gold at a low level isn’t difficult, but you do have to put in some work. Each item in the game has a value, and you’ll need to figure out how much of a value.  If you just buy every item you can for your character’s level, you’ll be taking up a lot of space, and not making much gold at all.  Check out the charts below to see how much you need to farm each level range.

Remember that every item description will tell you if you can sell it, and if it can be turned into gold. If it says it cannot be sold to Alliance, you might as well sell it to Horde.



At level 1, you want to make sure you pick up the Herbalism profession. Herbalism will be your main gathering profession, and it allows you to make gold quickly. Herbalism is easy to learn, doesn’t require any special equipment, and you can use it while you level.

You need to make sure you have the highest level profession that you can, at least as high as your character. This is because as you level up, you will heavily need herbs.



Dwarf’s and Gnome’s don’t have the Herbalism profession, but they do have eyes that can help you gather the different herbs.

Dwarf’s have Stone, Iron, and Dwarf inside of their belt buckles. If you use these items, you can gain a large amount of experience quickly.

You can sell these items to Human Rogues, who will pay a healthy amount of gold for the items.

atches from level 70-80 can also be sold to Human Rogues. They will pay more gold, because Human Rogues are the richest characters in the game!

Night Elf’s can sell Draenite to Gnomes (only worth about 5 gold for each), and high level Night Elves will pay Draenite to all their faction members.

Kobold’s can sell refined Iron to Gnomes and Kobold’s can sell Treyinx Crystals to all sorts of people.

Gnome’s can sell Flasks of Extractias to all sorts of people.

ZKid’s can sell volatile Flasks of Extractias to his faction (only worth about 30 silver) and high level ZKid’s can sell highly sought after recipes to every faction.

Other notes on selling your glyphs:

– You can buy seven glyphs of each for the price of one.

– You can buy up to ten of each, but can only have seven of each glyph.

– You can buy as many glyphs as you want.

– You do not have to turn them in to get them to your base for sale.

– You can sell unsold items to vendors.

– You can sell unstrategy items to Antigua.

Heirloom Items

Heirloom weapons and armor has been a great part of the game for WoW over the past few years. With the introduction of the Wrathe of the Lich King expansion, new types of heirloom are being introduced. These include the Arcanum of the Eternals, the plans from the Scarlet Crusade, and the Cube of the Elder Council.

The Eternals are being used to write about the Wrathe of the Lich King. Any Enchanter withstands the Voice of Enchanter ability can acquire the Eternals. Once acquired, these can be used with the Inscription profession to create greater magic spells for your character. The Cube of the Elder Council has been specially associated with the Wrathe of the Lich King, that is why it has its ownenei indenture.

The Scarlet Crusade

This faction is classified as the opponents of the Light.  Although they are not directly confronting the Alliance, they still pose a threat to the world because of their zeal to defeat the evil Scourge and the Lich King. Their leader is Argent Healer. They are considered as the legitimate wielders of the Jericho. They wield ps within its reaches. Argent Heal can restore the dead heroes to life after they are defeated by the Scourge. This character alone face the Lich King’ monsters.

Online Games

Online Games


Online games have become the best way to learn a given skill, or simply entertain oneself. Online games can be played as a solitaire, a multiple choice quiz, a multiplayer board game, or even a profit making MMMORPG. The best thing about these particular games is their accessibility. Anyone can log onto the internet and play a quick game while waiting for an appointment, or while traveling for work. laugh uncontrollably along with others when you are defeating enemies and overwhelming opponents, only to find success ere Downs. The best thing about these games is their minimal learning curve.

Learn to play an online game easily, fast and right from the beginning using a complete range of tutorials and interactive packages. Most of these games are created for novice and beginner players, so no matter what your skill level, you can enjoy these games and win.

Complete these games and pass your opponents, so that you can advance to more challenging levels created for advanced players. Play a game or two, and you will be able to develop and learn some important skills that can transfer to other skills and mottos. Take these games, seriously. Our modern world has made being successful in life and learning to play a positive event in one’s life. Developing your mind set and skillsets are great advantages of any game. These mind sets and skillsets can translate to actual life and either here or there.

Winning at online games, besides having fun, helps relieve stress, defuse anger, and improve concentration and memory. These games also provide the opportunity for team playing and activities that don’t focus on individuals. Games give the opportunity for social interaction while playing as opponents try to defeat each other, as well as the opportunity to work with, and learn from each other.

Some examples of fun games:

Team base and Defend the base are two exciting army-based flash matches. Team base attackers need to protect their team’s base (Nexus) from being captured by the enemy or be crucial in its victory. Defend the base is much the same as Team base with one key difference. The game’s objective is to prevent the enemy from respawning or continuing to capture the Nexus.


Escape is a fun sci-fi game. Escape from theury is to search for an escape pod, land on a ship and upload and dissolve the pod. Your piece is to connect to the next structure. There are numerous escape pods, and you must defuse them to release the pod. You are able to change the piece before each round. The longer you defuse the pod, the more points you get. You can even give the opposing team more to use in the next round.


Zombies mode is a popular mode stocked with frantic action and elements to the high roller. In Zombies mode, one goal is to survive as you battle and kill all the zombies that you encounter. You are able to increase your score and acquire powerful weapons.


Siege mode is another mode for quick, intense action along with elements of survival. In Siege mode, you will need to reach the gate and protect it at all costs. You may not alone survive in this mode. You must also protect the gate from being breached.

There are several game-play modes to hone your competitive spirit. Whether you are engaging in a classic Capture-the-Flag scenario, attempting to defend your team’s flag, or trying to reclaim your opponent’s captured flag; there are numerous modes to enjoy.

Co-op and team-based modes let you work together with a friend to achieve your common goal. Team-based mode adds a sense of Nation, as you and your friend’s objective may be the same – to survive until a certain point in the mission.

Eye of the Storm:

This is a seven-a-side first person shooter location with a mix of team-based and free-for-all game-play. Each team is battling for the ball and for control of the center. Use your skills and wit to make your team’s goal more difficult to achieve.

Mythic EA Battlerequires you to use real-world weapons together with characters from the popular EA role-playing games. EA has developed eight characters specifically for the game: three from each of the two rival factions, the Elves and the Dwarves. They are legends in their own right and even wear armor, fed up of putting up With their skills, you can also command armies against your friends.

You can build your own unique character and proceed to one of three Hyper Classes. Your character can also enhance his/her stats and abilities by selecting Football IQ, Stamina and Intelligence. Team up with your best friend and use your combined skills to win the game.

There are loads of other excellent sports games available also. Stay updated by reading the latest updates on the Internet.


What Length Longboard Should I Get

To own a long plank suitable for you, you need to choose the right size for it. In which the length of the longboard is one of the essential requirements to be satisfied. What length longboard should I get? Scroll down and read the correct answer!

What Length Longboard Should I Get?

Longboards are different types of moving boards compared to skateboards. They come in various lengths and are longer than skateboards. However, choosing the length of the longboard is not an easy thing. It depends on a lot of different factors. For a more accurate choice, or observe the sharing that we present right here!

What Length Longboard Should I Get?

It would help if you, based on the following factors to choose the length of the longboard:

  • Your height and foot size
  • Uses
  • Stable ability
  • Travel distance

The choice of the length of the longboard always makes you feel confused? Right! Currently, you can find longboards ranging in size from 27″ to 44″ on the market.

It is due to the variety of lengths of longboards that you find it difficult to make final choices. Here are some of our tips that will help you get the best length boards!

Your height and foot size

A basic thing that many longboarders know is that you should base your height and foot size on your longboard size. If you have big feet, you need a longer board to give you enough room to move around.

Conversely, a shorter board will give you better control of the slide when you have a small foot. You also won’t spend a lot of time moving around the deck to perform tricks.

Height also has a significant impact on this process. If you are tall, your center of gravity will be higher and vice versa. When you’re tall, you need a longer board to make it easier for you to settle on the deck.


Do many people think that longboards are not just for skating? But the truth is not quite so. You can do many different types of slides such as normal slides, cruises, downhill or freestyles.

Each type of board used for different purposes will need a different length. I will list some typical criteria below:

  • Cruising is available in lengths from 32″ to 40″. Some larger types can be longer than 40″.
  • Downhill is about 35″ to 42″ in length. For those with large feet, longboards can be longer than 42″.
  • Freestyle is usually huge. Lengths range from 38″ to 42″.

Stable ability

One thing that cannot be overlooked when using a longboard is the stability it brings. Often boards with a longer length are easier to stabilize. Beginner players can control it well.

However, shorter longboards will have more flexibility, but it is not stable. For those who are just starting in the long game, this is a challenge.

Travel distance

Short and longboards help you move faster, but you will also use a lot of energy. In contrast, longboards of great length move slowly but without effort.

Therefore, those who want to move a long distance should choose a longboard. Conversely, those who wish for a longboard with speed and short distance should choose a shortboard.

What Are The Characteristics Of Long Planks Short And Long?


  • Heavier
  • There’s more room to stand, which makes them more suitable for beginners
  • Provides fewer turns
  • More stable
  • More comfortable, especially if they have a bit of flexibility
  • It’s harder to do tricks – kickturns, ollies, etc. are much harder
  • Easy for dancing on deck

Short longboard

  • Lighter
  • There is less room to stand, which makes them more suitable for professional longboarders
  • Generally gives more turns and less stability
  • More comfortable, especially they are very flexible
  • Easier to kickturn, ollie, etc.


It’s not too difficult to determine the length you need in the long game after reading our shares. Hopefully, you can find a longboard that is the correct length for your needs.

Tips to Improve Your Driving Skills in F1

Tips to Improve Your Driving Skills in F1 2010


The first Iraq F1 championship was held in early 2010 and it presents a very unique, fun and challenging game-play to all F1 fans. The 2010 version of this race is even more entertaining due to the revisions in the game-play and the improvement in the driving skills.

Like every other racing game, there are many things to consider in improving your driving skills. Below are certain things that you can do to gain more experience and better yourself in playing F1 2010.

Practice and practice means learning all the tricks that you can use facing any driver. These do not give any extra benefits. There are many games that have a practice mode where you can perform all tricks that you can possibly think of and there are some that have a full virtual world where you can perform these tricks. Both of these modes are a great way to get some practice in training yourself in dealing with an F1 driver. You can also perform critical mistakes and learn from these without affecting the ranking of your team or damaging your reputation.

Playing in the career mode is a great way to get acquainted with the story line of the game and will surely allow you to understand the importance of every detail that you need to win the 2010 driver’s championship.

F1 2010 online

In F1 2010 online, there are some basic requirements on how you can perform and you need to reach these requirements to continue progressing through the game’s ranks. You need to reach the minimum points required to compete against a wide range of opponents. There are certain features that make up a career and you need to complete specific goals in order to advance to the next rank. For instance, you will be required to test the Paetta farm on weekends as this will give you points.

The Paetta farm will be a new opportunity for you to have fun and earn some money too. You will be required to spend many hours there so that you can take care of the animals without them getting sick. It is also essential that you take care of the crops that you plant in order to get them to mature fast – if you don’t perform your tasks on time then they will wither and die.

In addition to the crops, it is important that you perform your job on time. Each crop that you plant takes a specific period of time to grow. If you miss the time slot for growing your crop, then it will wither and die – in the same way that the crops die if you fail to tend them in time. You are therefore expected to play your time slots on FarmVille in an effective manner so that you can earn more coins and level up in the most effective manner.

There are many available improvements in the game features as well. You can take a photo of yourself and your farm and get it added to your account to receive extra points. You can also have a pet cat as a companion in the game, and your farm will look more attractive. You can also decorate your farm with the items that you have bought or received as gifts.

There are many chances for you to earn virtual items that you can use in the game. After you have accumulated sufficient coins from playing, you can buy used items from the market. Lightning bolts are an example of old items that you can buy easily. You can also use the coins that you have earned to buy a new house, and this is where you have to be extra careful because you will be paying for the whole family. You will also have to share the houses with your neighbors.

Every week, there is one task that you have to complete. This task basically requires you to harvest your crops. After you harvest your crops in the given time slot, you will be awarded points. All you have to do is harvest your crops within the given time slot and earn more points. These points will then allow you to access a new place. There are trees that produce fruit that can be collected and sold, and animals that produce milk or eggs that can be sold. Collecting these different items can allow you to earn more ribbons from your neighbors.


FarmVille is a great way to relax and unwind. You will be able to plant some crops that you can get seeds from and then you can start to play. It is a great way to make new friends because most of the people playing FarmVille are looking for neighbors so they will be happy to add you as a neighbor. You can visit their farms and fertilize their crops and watch them grow. It is a great way to make money and gain experience points at the same time. Just make sure you give them theernest impression because you don’t want to be rude, you could lose a lot of your time with them.



Board Game in Final Stages of Development

Pareto is a deep and challenging worker movement board game for 1-6 players. A typical game of Pareto takes between 1-3 hours, depending on player experience and how the game is played. Technically the game can be summerized as an area movement game, with a modular board, employing harvesting, production and trading as core mechanics. The game has multiple routes to victory.

If you prefer a slightly quicker game, with less rules and mechanics, you’ll enjoy Harvester – our quick and fun family game.

In Pareto you start as a small entrepreneur with a small city office and a vehicle. Within a single year, 12 rounds, your goal is to expand your business and establish a sustainable and preferably environmentally friendly business.

Pareto consists of three boards: the marketplace, the shared land and an individual player property. From the initial concept developed in february 2010, all three elements have undergone major modifications. The player property started as a major asset, but we realized that over time, that this reduced oponent awareness. So, over time we managed to reduce the significance of the player properties and move player focus to the shared boards. These moves proved important for the social dimension of the game.

Currently we are working on finalizing the design, which means a lot of playtesting. If you are interested in playtesting the game, please let us know. Though we cannot promise an invite, by registering your email at least you’re on our list. If you are an international publisher searching for an engaging and deep board game experience, please get in touch and we’ll send you the rules and/or a prototype.


OS X Widget, free global release

The original Stickies widget provided by Apple has one problem: the only way to create a new sticky note is to add a new widget from the widget bar. This is not very convenient when you receive a phone call and simply need to jot something down quickly.


So, we added a new button to the default Stickies widget that would create a new sticky note when clicked. To avoid cluttering the interface, we hid the button so it’s only visible while pressing the OPT (alt) key. To avoid any confusion we renamed the widget to StickiesPlus, and to make everyone happy we offer it for free.


Roller is an easy to use tool made to nudge the creative process whenever needed. In the face of creative problems, the user can launch the app to get help to change perspective – think on the matter in a new and alternative way – which often is enough to nudge the creative process forward.


The app is based on a virtual deck of cards, each card presenting a specific individual with a certain caracteristics. By applying these characteristics to the way the user is thinking, they will hopefully be able to change their perspective enough to find a creative solution to the problem.

Roller is a small view controller based app, with two basic views: one with the deck (default view) and another functioning as a tiny tutorial. While on the main view, shaking the device selects a random card from the deck (the user can also tap the viewcontroller button). Despite the captions on each card being in Norwegian, we believe most people will understand the cards and be able to use the app. Did we mention it’s free?

This app was developed for Stig & Stein, a Norwegian company that started as an ad agency, but now function more as creative mind benders (motivators, lectures, talks and seminars). The app is free and a recommended download at all of their events.



Board Game Concept

With Looters we are targeting players aged 10 and up, and it will support 2 to 6 players. The game is currently in the early stage of development.

The game will employ several interesting and unique mechanisms, allowing for some really fun player interaction. Looters will expand three stages, each one different from the other. Going into further details is difficult at this time, as the game keep changing, but it involves sailing and good ol’ pillaging.


Family Board Game Ready for Manufacturing

Harvester is a family game for 2-6 players, aged 11 and up. A single game of Harvester can take anywhere from 20 to 120 minutes. The reason for this rather large range, is that the player can set score limit themselves. In addition, the game offers a simple handicap system to even the odds for the less experienced or younger players. Learning to play the game only takes a couple of minutes, which isn’t to say that the game lacks depth.


The game is about area control and set collection. You win by reaching the player determined score limit. During the course of the game players will collect sets of resources to score points, while obviously trying to prevent others from doing the same. Alliances are part of the game, trading however, isn’t.

Harvester was developed as a reponse to players wanting a board game with the elegance of Pareto, but shorter and with less complexity. For this reason Harvester started as a reduced version of Pareto in June 2011, but has since then developed a life of its own. The game has been playtested extensively, and is today considered ready for publication.

If you are a game publisher looking for an uncomplicated yet sophisticated family game, Harvester might be exactly what you are looking for. Let us know and we’ll send you the rules and/or a prototype.


iOS App Store, global release

The plan is to develop PlayPal into a much more powerful app. In its current form, the app is a straight forward tactical planning tool useful for anyone that needs to plan floorball tactics.

The app features four different colored markers, an eraser and 12 draggable players – 6 on each team. The background (the rink) is blue with the custom markings of floorball. The user can draw anywhere on the canvas. When the player is done placing the players or drawing, both the players and drawing canvas can be seperately locked. Also, to clear the canvas or reset player positions, the app uses sliders instead of buttons. We suspected this would make it harder to accidentally erase content, something our users also has confirmed.

We are currently working on an great web service that will tightly integrate with PlayPal sometime down the line, at which point the price for PlayPal will double. Currently, and probably until the end of 2012, you can purchase the app on the app store priced as a tier one app ($0.99/7kr).