1. Game Release28. January 2014

    En Passant Version 2 Released on iOS App Store

    We are happy to announce that the chess game En Passant that is being developed by Hans Pinckaers and Johan Basberg was just released on the Apple iOS App Store.

    This new version adds a number of improvements to the initial release, as well as great stability improvements and many critical bug fixes.

    The upcoming dot update will fix some known issues, add improve the UX even further.

  2. Web Page Updated13. Desember 2012

    Company Blog is Live

    We have been wanting a place of our own where we can discuss issues, express opinions, and both write and share knowledge. And from today we finally have exactly that; a good old fashioned blog.

    The blog uses Wordpress so we easily can manage it while on the move, exciting times! The first couple of articles will cover OpenGL, but more topics are planned for the future.

  3. Web Game Published7. November 2012

    Rock-Paper-Scissor Live

    We have just published a html-based asynchrounous version of the classic tiebreaker game rock-paper-scissor. It is free and easy to play, so please - check it out! To learn a bit more about the game, you can read the game details.

  4. Web Overhaul27. July 2012

    Our web page is now finally compatible with all current browsers, including Internet Explorer 8. If you have an older version of Internet Explorer, we recommend that you update your software.

  5. Nordic Press Release19. March 2012

    The Big Pointingbook available on the App Store

    Gatada Games AS is happy to announce the immediate availability of "Den Store Pekeboken" on the Norwegian App Store, and "The Big Pointingbook" in every other App Store region (they are basically identical except for the name). We had both apps voiced by both English and Norwegian kids as we know how children loves listening to the voice of other kids.

    The app has been in development for the past two months, and is primarily targeting kids between two and seven years old. It features large and beautiful pictures of common and exotic animals, 28 in all; 17 of which needs to be unlocked by collecting stars. The app also counts to 10 and features real sounds from all of the 28 animals (see Settings app to disable voice, which enables animal noises).

    The Big Pointingbook is available globally as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

  6. Pressemelding13. March 2012


    Johan H. W. Basberg i Gatada Games vil gjøre det stort med norske apps. Nå er det norske appselskapet hans klar med "Den Store Pekeboken", en norsk pekebok rettet mot norske - og engelske - barn og deres småbarnsforeldre.

    - Norske utviklere tenker ikke stort nok, sier Johan H. W. Basberg, daglig leder av det norske app-selskapet Gatada Games.

    - Vi tror norske app-utviklere er blant verdens fremste - det eneste som det skorter på er ambisjonene. Derfor laget vi Den Store Pekeboken også i engelsk utgave - fordi vi tror ikke norske barn er alene om å trenge gode og stimulerende pedagogiske spill.

    Johan H. W. Basberg begynte tidlig med spill. I 1997 jobbet han på storspillet "Joint Strike Fighter", som ble utviklet av norske Innerloop Studios. Siden har Johan jobbet med spill og spilldesign, i tillegg til å undervise i spillteori ved Høgskolen i Hedmark. I fjor startet han også opp spillselskapet Gatada Games.

    Nå er Gatada Games klar med sitt første kombinerte iPhone og iPad-spill: "Den Store Pekeboken" - eller "The Big Pointingbook" på engelsk. Appen har vært under utvikling i 2 måneder og retter seg i første rekke mot barn i alderen 2-7 år. Komplett med ekte barnestemmer snakker boken både engelsk og norsk, i tillegg til at den teller til 10 og inneholder lyder fra 28 forskjellige dyr.

    "Den Store Pekeboken" er nå tilgjengelig i App Store og fungerer på iPhone og iPad.

    Om App Store:

    App Store er Apples butikk for kjøp av programvare til iPhone og iPad der hvem som helst kan utvikle og selge programmer mot en provisjon av salget. På App Store finner du spill og programmer, underholdning og mer. Under en iPod-lansering i 2010 fortalte Steve Jobs at det ble lastet ned 200 programmer fra App Store hvert sekund. Med lanseringen av iPad 2 og iPhone 4 har dette tallet steget betraktelig. Det totale markedet for iPhone- og iPad-apps spås å være verdt rundt 15 milliarder dollar – 97 milliarder norske kroner – innen 2015.

  7. Press Release14. December 2011

    Gatada Games AS is excited to announce Pareto and Pareto Harvester, two turn-based modular board game prototypes which just completed testing, and is now ready for consideration by a publisher. We are looking for international distribution. Both prototypes are currently only available in english.

    Pareto Harvester puts the player in charge of a wind farm and three workers with a simple goal: use the collected energy to convert harvested resources to points to win the game. However, only certain resource combinations are valuable and harvesting is only allowed from the land controlled by the player. So to become the most successful business owner and win the game, the player needs to control regions on the board, harvest all the required resources, and if necessary cooperate with other players to prevent anyone else from winning in the meantime. The game offers a new twist on area control and set collection, and features a simple and unique method to adjust the duration of a game. Pareto Harvester supports two to six players aged 10 and up; a single game can last anywhere between 20 and 120 minutes (determined by the players before start).

    Pareto is a deep game with no randomness. A single game of Pareto lasts between 60 and 180 minutes, and is designed for one to six players aged 11 and up. In Pareto the players start the game in the city with a small office and a single truck, but will have to expand and compete to develop the surrounding land, harvest resources and produce the goods needed to win the game. Pareto presents the players with a new take on area control, resource acquisition and management; and introduces a very interesting and truly unique environmental mechanism that adds some interesting tactical choices along the way.

    Pareto Harvester includes 48 off-the-shelf wooden player tokens, five cubes and three trucks per player; 30 hexagon tiles, five per player; 6 double-sided Action tiles, one per player; 12 Resource Cards; 146 shared Resource tiles; 27 shared Event cards; scoring sheets; and an illustrated Rules booklet.

    Pareto features 84 custom wooden player tokens, 7 two-piece tokens to each player; 30 black and 30 player colored cubes, 5 of each to all players; 42 currency tokens, with three different values; 30 hexagon tiles, 5 per player; 60 Production tiles; 24 Factory tiles; 47 Electric Grid tiles; 240 Resource tiles of 8 different types; two chit & pull bags, one containing 24 tiles, and the other containing 20 tiles; and a detailed Rules booklet.

  8. 8. December 2010

    Gatada Games AS is founded by Johan H. W. Basberg.