How to ride a kick scooter for beginners?

Here, we show you how to stand on a kick scooter, the most stable and comfortable way to do it, as well as how to push and ride it. We’ll assume in this guide that the rider already knows how to ride a bike.

How To Ride A Kick Scooter For Beginners - Andy Thousand

1. Know which leg is your master

Just like most people have a dominant hand, most people have a dominant leg. The master leg is the one you can keep your balance on best. If you aren’t sure which it is, try hopping on one leg. You’ll know very quickly which leg is your master leg. The leg that stands on the deck is the master leg, which is also called the balance leg. The other leg, which is called the “action leg,” is the one that moves forward and stops.

2. Stepping on

Stand with the scooter next to your master leg. You and your scooter should both be facing the same way. Take a firm hold of the handle. Step on with your strong leg (your balance leg, shown in light red above). The foot should go in the middle of the width of the deck and as close to the front as possible. The front end of the deck should be very close to, or even touch, the tip of your shoe.
The pushing feet, which are still on the ground, should be as close to the deck as possible, almost touching the side of the scooter.

3. Getting going

Make sure your eyes are focused on what’s ahead (many new riders look down at their feet). Push gently backward against the ground and keep pushing a few times until you get the scooter to a speed where it can glide without wobbling.

4. Gliding posture

You want to glide now that the kick scooter is moving. Lift your pushing leg off the ground and quickly tiptoe it at the master foot’s heel (see leg in dark red above). In this position, the leg that is pushing should be relaxing on the deck. It shouldn’t be putting pressure on the brake on the back fender. With this gliding position, your action leg stays close to your balance leg, which makes you more balanced overall. The feet are also kept in a place where they can quickly hit the brake if they need to.
To keep the scooter moving, just swing your action leg up and forward before bringing it down in a comfortable arc to touch the ground and push back in a smooth motion.
Once the push or pushes are done, put the leg that was pushed back into the gliding position as quickly as possible.