How to Play Music From Phone to Car Without Aux or Bluetooth

Music is now an important part of every car owner’s life.

Having the same tape or CD playlist on a road trip could be very boring. Because of this, most people in cars today use their phones to play music.

No matter how old or new your car is, you should be able to play music from it while driving.

Using auxiliary cords, Bluetooth, and ports are the most common ways to do this, but they are not the only ways.

Ways to connect your phone to the stereo in your car

There are several ways to connect an Android or IOS phone to a car.

Among them are:

  • FM transmitter.
  • Hands-free Bluetooth phone app.
  • USB stereo jack.
  • Cassette tape adaptor.
  • Apple Car Play and Google Auto.
  • 30 pin adapter.

With the help of the above list, you can connect your phone to the radio and car speakers in your car without having to buy a new stereo or speaker.

In this article, we’ll mostly talk about ways to connect your phone to the speakers in your car other than using aux or Bluetooth.

So, besides aux and Bluetooth, what else can you use to play music from your phone on your car stereo?

There are ways to play music from a phone in a car without using Aux or Bluetooth.

1.FM transmitter

Many new cars have an FM radio and a place to light up a cigarette.

This is one choice that drivers have.

Compared to other ways, an FM transmitter is also inexpensive and easy to set up. Using an FM transmitter makes this possible. The best FM transmitter is the Handsfree Call Car Charger, Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Receiver, which is easy to find on Amazon.

How to link:

  • Connecting the transmitter to the cigarette lighter port gives the transmitter a way to get power.
  • Tune the stereo in and choose the FM mode.
  • Choose an FM radio frequency that is not used by radio stations in your area, and then match it with your FM transmitter.
  • Find Bluetooth on your phone and connect your phone to the transmitter.
  • Now that you’re done, you can play your music.

When using an FM transmitter, the quality of the sound depends a lot on how good the adapter is, since interference usually affects it.

Also, the number of FM stations in your area and the model of your phone will affect the sound quality.

2.Cassette tape Adapter

You can also use a cassette tape adapter to connect your phone to your car’s stereo if it has a cassette tape player.

How to link:

  • Connect the 3.55mm audio cable that came with the cassette tape adapter to the headphone jack on the phone.
  • Then, put the adapter into the slot for the cassette.
  • Find the “tape” mode on the audio system’s menu and press “play.”
  • The music will start to play, and you can change the volume to suit your taste.

This method works well if you can’t use a cigarette lighter, if the power port doesn’t work, or if the signal from the FM transmitter is weak.

3.Put a program on your phone

Old car models have Bluetooth for hands-free calls, but you can’t play music with them.

To fix this, you can use an app that routes sounds so that the hands-free Bluetooth thinks you are making a call.

What to do:

  • You can make a call without using your hands if you connect your phone to the car. Call to make sure that the call got through.
  • Next, download and install an app like the Mono Bluetooth Router on your phone that lets you send sounds to different places. This lets you use the hands-free calling system to change the music.
  • Open the app you want to play music from in the sound routing app.

This is a cheap method that doesn’t require an FM Bluetooth Adapter.

Also, the sound quality will be mono, which means there is only one signal channel, and not stereo. So, this method can be used with cars made between 2000 and 2013.

4.Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

At the moment, many car models come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps.

With these two apps, drivers can link their phones to the dashboard of their cars. You can use this method to play music from your phone screen, look at navigation maps, and even send messages.

On top of that, you can also use Siri and Google Assistant to add your voice to your car’s audio system.

If your car doesn’t let you do this, you can still use Android Auto by connecting it to your phone with a USB cable. At the moment, Apple phones can’t do this.

5.USB Input

Most modern cars have a USB port, which can be used to connect to the Internet or charge a device.

For this method, all you need is a USB cable that works and is easy to get to.

Most smartphones come with a USB cable, but you might want to keep an extra one in your car so you don’t forget to bring it with you on your road trip. Also, it’s important to remember that the USB input depends on the phone you have.

You can get a USB-C cable or a micro-USB cable for an Android phone, and an Apple Lightning Cable for an iPhone.


  • Find the USB port on the stereo in your car. Depending on the type of car you have, the port could be in the front of the audio system head unit, the dashboard, the center console, the glove box, or the center armrest.
  • Connect your phone to one end of the USB cable and the other end to the port.
  • When your phone makes the connection, you’ll have to do the rest of the steps to let the sound system access the music on your phone.
  • Put the stereo in the car into USB mode. In some cars, it will be done automatically, but sometimes you will have to go through the menu of the audio system and set it.
  • You can now play music from your phone in the car.

In some cars, the audio system can also mirror the screen of your phone onto its own screen, so you can keep an eye on everything from there.

USB connection is one of the best ways to play music from your phone to your car because it is reliable and gives you good sound quality. Also, your phone stays charged, and you can answer calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

6.30 Pin iPod Adapter

Some cars come with a 30 pin adapter that lets you connect your phone to the car.

This lets you connect your iPad or iPhone straight to your stereo.

It’s important to remember that an iPod adapter will always give you better sound than an FM transmitter.

7.If I use these methods, will the sound quality get worse?

Some people might worry that not using Bluetooth or aux could hurt the sound quality overall.

Overall, using a USB input, a hands-free Bluetooth phone app, a 30 pin connector, Android Auto, or Apple Car Play will give you the best sound with the least amount of interference.

Using an FM transmitter, on the other hand, is likely to cause interference. This is because the quality of the sound depends mostly on how well you can connect to the radio stations near you.

Also, the sound quality could be affected by the quality of the FM transmitter you are using. Less well-made transmitters can cause more interference.


Even though some ways, like an FM transmitter, don’t produce the best sound, most people are still happy to listen to music while driving.

This article shows us different ways to play music from our phones on our stereos.

Today, we are lucky to have a lot of choices, depending on how our cars are set up and how much money we have.