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OS X Widget, free global release

The original Stickies widget provided by Apple has one problem: the only way to create a new sticky note is to add a new widget from the widget bar. This is not very convenient when you receive a phone call and simply need to jot something down quickly.

So, we added a new button to the default Stickies widget that would create a new sticky note when clicked. To avoid cluttering the interface, we hid the button so it's only visible while pressing the OPT (alt) key. To avoid any confusion we renamed the widget to StickiesPlus, and to make everyone happy we offer it for free.

Restoring Stickies Plus from Backup

The Stickies Plus are backed up in the same way as the original Stickies by Apple. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way of restoring only the stickies. You’ll need a text editor (the free TextWrangler is great) or a plist-reader (Xcode works great).

But, before doing anything you need to quit the Dashboard. You can do this with ActivityMonitor or this widget: DashQuit

StickiesPlus is basically just a modified version of the original Apple provided Stickies widget, so the data is stored in the same location - but with a different name. The dashboard file contains ID-keys for all running widgets in the Dashboard. If you restore only the StickiesPlus file, without editing the Dashboard file, the ID’s will not match - resulting in empty stickies.

These are the files of interest:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/
  • ~/Library/Preferences/widget-com.gatada.mac.stickiesplus.plist

The fastest way is to restore the stickiesplus.plist from the backup, and then manually edit the Dashboard file so the StickiesPlus ID's in the restored StickiesPlus file match the entries in the Dashboard file. When done, save the Dashboard file and you should get your widgets back.

  1. Platform

    OS X 10.5+

    Released 2008

    Last updated 2011

  2. Developed by

    Johan H. W. BasbergConcept/ Coding/ Art

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