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Age 3-99

Asynchronous Rock-Paper-Scissor

Web, HTML, English

This is a web version of the classic tiebreaker game rock-paper-scissor. Let a game of rock-paper-scissor determine who gets to pick which movie to watch, what dinner to make or game to play. The game is a classic example of a non-transitive game mechanic: Rock beats scissor, scissor beats paper, but rock does not beat paper.

Our version is played asynchronously: First you specify the number of rounds and pick all your responses before you share the generated web link with your opponent. When she responds to your challenge the game ends and the outcome is immediately shown on screen. However, for you to see the result you'll have to revisit the game page using the previously provided web link.

The current version does not provide access to a player profile, or email notifications when the opponent has made their move.

  1. Platform

    Web based, HTML

    Released 2012

  2. Developed by

    Johan H. W. Basberg

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