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Age 7+


iOS App Store, Norwegian version released globally

Roller is an easy to use tool made to nudge the creative process whenever needed. In the face of creative problems, the user can launch the app to get help to change perspective - think on the matter in a new and alternative way - which often is enough to nudge the creative process forward.

The app is based on a virtual deck of cards, each card presenting a specific individual with a certain caracteristics. By applying these characteristics to the way the user is thinking, they will hopefully be able to change their perspective enough to find a creative solution to the problem.

Roller is a small view controller based app, with two basic views: one with the deck (default view) and another functioning as a tiny tutorial. While on the main view, shaking the device selects a random card from the deck (the user can also tap the viewcontroller button). Despite the captions on each card being in Norwegian, we believe most people will understand the cards and be able to use the app. Did we mention it's free?

This app was developed for Stig & Stein, a Norwegian company that started as an ad agency, but now function more as creative mind benders (motivators, lectures, talks and seminars). The app is free and a recommended download at all of their events.

  1. Platform

    iOS iPhone (no retina)

    Released 2010

  2. Development Team

    Anki StrømProject Lead/ Concept/ Sounds

    Johan H. W. BasbergProgramming/ Design/ UI Art

    Janicke PausIllustrations

  3. Relevant Links

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  3. How it is used
  4. Welcome screen