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Age 9+

Role Planet

Improvised dialogue is the best way to learn English!

Role Planet is the solution for the many thousands of Engish teachers around the world that find it difficult to get everyone in their class to speak English. Role Planet consists of 203 role-plays specifically made to get people talking, fast. All the role-plays have been professionally voiced in either British or American English, and every word in the dictionary are playable in both British and American.

The app features class management, so you can keep every class separated and organized. You will also find a Quiz and a calendar. Use the quiz as a fun way to quiz your pupils at the end of your lesson. The calendar contains international commeorative days, making it easy for you to select relevant role-plays for your classes.

Role Planet is also suitable for learners of English: they can improve their pronunciation in the recording studio, listen to 1635 words in perfect British and American English and take the quiz to reinforce their understanding.

  1. Platform

    iOS 7.0+

    Released 2014

    Last updated Aug. 2014

  2. Developed by

    Johan BasbergCoding/ Design/ Audio/ Content

    Kjetil HasselbergInitial Idea/ Content

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