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Age 3+


iOS App Store, global release

The plan is to develop PlayPal into a much more powerful app. In its current form, the app is a straight forward tactical planning tool useful for anyone that needs to plan floorball tactics.

The app features four different colored markers, an eraser and 12 draggable players - 6 on each team. The background (the rink) is blue with the custom markings of floorball. The user can draw anywhere on the canvas. When the player is done placing the players or drawing, both the players and drawing canvas can be seperately locked. Also, to clear the canvas or reset player positions, the app uses sliders instead of buttons. We suspected this would make it harder to accidentally erase content, something our users also has confirmed.

We are currently working on an great web service that will tightly integrate with PlayPal sometime down the line, at which point the price for PlayPal will double. Currently, and probably until the end of 2012, you can purchase the app on the app store priced as a tier one app ($0.99/7kr).

  1. Platform

    iOS Universal (iPhone/iPad)

    Released 2010

    Last updated 2012

  2. Development Team

    Johan H. W. BasbergConcept/ Design/ Coding/ Art

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