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Age 1-6

The Big Pointingbook

iOS App Store, Norwegian and International version

The Big Pointingbook, published in Norway as Den Store Pekeboken, targets kids between 1-6 years old. As game designers we wanted to make a better pointing book for kids than those already out there, and according to the feedback we have received so far, with The Big Pointingbook we've succeeded.

To voice the game, we recorded Norwegian and English kids - as kids respond very well to the voice of other children. The feedback during our preliminary testing was fantastic. All our young game testers loved it - they simply didn't want to stop playing.

Initially the app was only going to be in Norwegian, but testing convinced us to also make an english version. The localization of the text was easy, finding an English child in Norway was a bit harder. In total we spent three days adding the English localization, which isn't too bad if you think about it.

On the Norwegian App Store, please search for Den Store Pekeboken, while users of any other App Store has to look for The Big Pointingbook. The app is relatively large, so please allow enough time for it to download.

For this game we cooperated with Emering AS.

  1. Platform

    iOS Universal (iPhone/iPad)

    Released 2012

  2. Development Team

    Johan H. W. Basberg
    lead design/ programming/ art

    Erling L√łken Andersen
    idea/ sound/ art/ marketing

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