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iOS 6.1+

En Passant

Beautiful Chess for iOS – free to download and play

We recently released version 2.0 of En Passant, a major update to this beautiful chess game made exclusively for iOS. It supports local games, as well as online matches using Game Center.

En Passant supports mood sharing, game sharing and for players running iOS 7 and newer, we also added turn reminders. It also features interactive move notation, color themes, outlined and filled chess pieces and a scoreboard to keep track when playing friends.

The game also features a new and improved Analyze mode, which allows you to play both sides at any time during the game. This way you can play out a scenario or situation to check your logic and avoid the most obvious mistakes. When you are done, tap the Analyzing button to revert the game back to the current state. Very convenient.

  1. Platform

    iOS 6.1+

    Released 2013

    Last updated Jan. 2014

  2. Developed by

    Hans PinckaersConcept/ Design/ Coding

    Johan H. W. BasbergDesign/ Art/ Coding

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