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On the 14th of April 2014 Bohemian Coding released the third version of their vector editing application Sketch. Maybe this version will finally replace Adobe Illustrator (and possibly Photoshop)? The previous version had several serious bugs and missed some features that I just couldn’t be without. This release however, seems promising.

On this page I’ll collect the features I would have liked to see added to Sketch 3, features that would make my pixel generating life easier. To keep everything in one place, any glitches and bugs are added to the list at the bottom of the page.

I’ll update this list as I familiarize myself with Sketch 3.
This post was last updated April 24, 2014.

Feature Requests

  1. Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 18.42.05Smart Snap Across Shapes
    The ability to snap a vertex part of one shape, onto a vertex of another. This will possibly work best as an optional snap, meaning I would press the Option key while dragging to snap to any close enough vertex.
  2. Guided Dragging of Multiple Elements
    Currently it seems that the only way to see the alignment guides when dragging is by dragging a single element. However, I shouldn’t have to group elements just to see the guides when dragging a selection, as this has an obvious impact on layer ordering.
  3. Make the Deselected State of the Inspector Meaningful
    Currently when I don’t have anything selected, the Inspector is useless. Why not have it show the settings, state and options of the Document, Artboard, Page or whatever is the “top level” of the currently open file? With nothing selected that inspector is clearly the most natural place to e.g. toggle the grid, set the color of the scratchboard and enable snap to grid on the document level (with possibly a local snap setting for each artboard).
  4. Drop On Page Header in Sidebar (16.04.)
    It would be nice to be able to move an element to the top of the sidebar Layer stack by dropping the element on top of the Page section header, instead of having aim to hit just below it.
  5. Opt+Arrows to navigate Sidebar (18.04.)
    Option combined with arrow keys are current not being used for anything it seems. I would like to see them used to navigate the layer stack in the sidebar. It would make it so much faster to clean up (deleting and renaming elements) the stack.
  6. Press Opt to change hide to lock in Sidebar
    When I’m working with by Wacom it is much faster for me to tap a layer in the sidebar then to move both hands to the keyboard to hit a shortcut. I would therefore love to see Opt change the eye (visible toggle) in the sidebar to a padlock, allowing me to click to lock the layer I’m hovering.
  7. Shift to show the vertices of the selected Layer (19.04)
    When I have selected a shape in the sidebar, I can’t seem to find a way to directly start editing the shape, I have to double-click it to see the vertices. If I instead could press Shift to show the vertices of the shape, selecting a shape in the sidebar would be even more meaningful.
  8. Show Active Tool (24.04)
    It would be nice when I hit V to add a Vector shape, or O to create an Oval, that the Insert menubar graphic was updated to the currently active tool.

Bugs & Glitches

  1. Buggy sidebar duplication
    It isn’t possible to Opt+drag to duplicate the last element in the sidebar; which means if your canvas only contains a single element it cannot be duplicated using the sidebar.
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