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Nintendo NX

When high quality games are discussed, it doesn’t take long for a Nintendo game to become part of the conversation. To my knowledge, Nintendo have been creating high quality games since Jumpman was introduced in Donkey Kong (1981). My first thought when I think about Nintendo is how delightfully playful their games feel. The entire […]

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Workaround for UILabel Bug

If you are using a multi-line UILabel in your iOS project, you will run into this bug – at least as long as you’re using iOS 7 and set the headIndent property (filed the bug today): when you calculate the height of the UILabel, its intrinsic content size will be too small to fit all the […]

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PaintCode v2

After sitting on the fence for a while, I finally decided to buy the second version of PaintCode. I already owned and enjoyed the original PaintCode, and I wasn’t really sure if the new release would justify the price. That was however, until I took the time to watch some of their tutorials at, […]

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