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Nintendo NX

When high quality games are discussed, it doesn’t take long for a Nintendo game to become part of the conversation. To my knowledge, Nintendo have been creating high quality games since Jumpman was introduced in Donkey Kong (1981). My first thought when I think about Nintendo is how delightfully playful their games feel. The entire […]

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Workaround for UILabel Bug

If you are using a multi-line UILabel in your iOS project, you will run into this bug – at least as long as you’re using iOS 7 and set the headIndent property (filed the bug today): when you calculate the height of the UILabel, its intrinsic content size will be too small to fit all the […]

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Sketch 3

On the 14th of April 2014 Bohemian Coding released the third version of their vector editing application Sketch. Maybe this version will finally replace Adobe Illustrator (and possibly Photoshop)? The previous version had several serious bugs and missed some features that I just couldn’t be without. This release however, seems promising. On this page I’ll […]

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